Method Prodesign

Travis Palmer, PE

Travis and his wife Jessica live in Durango, where they are raising their four young men, creating as many adventurous memories as they can. Family is the most important aspect of my life. I work to provide for them.

Career Path:
Travis attended Durango High School and Fort Lewis College before transferring to University of Colorado in Boulder, CO.  He graduated with Special Honors with a Bachelors of Environmental Design with a Major in Architecture.  

After graduation, he moved back to Durango with his wife Jess, and began his work under a prominent local Architect.  Life happened and he went into the oil field to make ends meet.  Three years later he began working under a Licensed Professional Civil Engineer.  These 7+ years gave me a great understanding of engineering, project management & development, soils, structures, etc. 

Teaming up with a collegue, we created Summit Engineering.  Within a few months of running Summit Engineering, I decided it was necessary to become licensed.  On my own time, I studied and passed both the FE and PE exams to receive my license.   Summit Engineering was a very successful venture which also lasted 7+ years.

Now on my own, Method Prodesign is the continuation of my career.  I chose the name Method Prodesign, as the term Method is synonymous with how I approach each project.  A systematic pathway from concept to construction, melding the two into a cohesive design.  The term Prodesign is a combination of the technical expertise of a professional engineer and the creative game of a architectural designer.